Kingston Mesivta Acquires New Building

The Lubavitch Mesivta in Kingston, PA, headed by Rabbi Shimon Hellinger, has recently purchased and renovated a large property to accommodate the growing yeshiva.

Approaching its fifth year, the Lubavitch Mesivta of Kingston, PA has purchased a new building down the block from its previous location.

The building, which includes a large Zal, dining room, shiur rooms, a library, and offices, will serve the bochurim’s needs throughout the day for learning, dining and recreation. Plans are in place for a large mikvah as well.

Extensive renovations were put into the building to expand the zal, making it bright and spacious. Additional renovations are being implemented so that all parts of the building will be ready in time for the new Zman in Elul.

The yeshiva dormitory is located just one block away from the new zal and comfortably accommodates all the Mesivta bochurim.

As announced on, the Kingston Mesivta has recently hired a new mashpia, Rabbi Yehudah Leib Aronson, who will be teaching Chassidus and guiding the bochurim. He will be joining Rabbi Shimon Hellinger, Rabbi Pinny Levitin, and Rabbi Uri Perlman.

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