Kingston Marks Chof Cheshvan in Yeshiva

Anash and bochurim in Kingston, PA, joined together on Monday night to daven, learn, and farbreng in the Kingston Mesivta, in line with the Rebbe’s directive for Chof Cheshvan.

By reporter

Anash in Kingston, PA, and bochurim of the Kingston Mesivta, joined together on Monday night, Chof Cheshvan to daven, learn and farbreng in the Kingston Mesivta. This was in line with the Rebbe’s directive in 5749 to visit a Lubavitch yeshiva on the Rebbe Rashab’s birthday and learn his Chassidus.

After davening mairiv together, everyone sat down around set tables to learn and farbreng. Mashpia Rabbi Yehuda Leib Aronson taught a portion of the maamar Heichaltzu, which the Rebbe specifies to learn, and brought to life the theme of Ahavas Yisroel.

Rabbi Shimon Hellinger spoke of the uniqueness of the Tomchei Temimim yeshiva that the Rebbe Rashab established and the lesson of pnimiyus that can be applied today.

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