Kingsbrook Hospital Closes Much Needed Emergency Room

The CEO of Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center changed the hospital’s name, closed the shul, razed down the parking lot to profit off low-income housing projects, and is now shutting down the emergency room that people desperately need.

Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center was built by the Jewish community in the first half of the 20th century, to serve Jewish patients who were facing anti-Semitism and discrimination in other hospitals. Unfortunately, a new CEO was hired in 2018 who destroyed the hospital’s original purpose and just looked for financial gains.

In 2018, Paul Rosenfield took over Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center as the new CEO. Once he was hired, things went downhill. He closed down the shul, and locked out over 100 members from davening. He then converted the parking lot which served 100’s of cars into low-income housing and homeless shelters so he can profit off the government funding allotments.

In a blatant disregard of the hospital’s founders and in a clear move to show apathy about the reason Kingsbrook was opened, he changed the name of the hospital from Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center to One Brooklyn Health. The hospital now is lacking all shreds of evidence of its once proud Jewish identity.

The most recent blow in a long list of grievances, is he is now closing down the emergency room, which served as a vital service to locals, especially for head trauma. The emergency room saved countless lives and was an integral part of the area’s emergency response capacity.

Furthermore, they also plan to demolish a few of their buildings to build additional low-income/homeless shelters, and deem the hospital less effective once more.

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  1. This shouldn’t come as a huge unexpected surprise. It’s been in the works for quite a while now, and this is one of the main reasons a new Vaad was so urgently voted in. So now let’s see some real action on this critical issue at last!

  2. A. It’s not a needed e.r. when was the last time you know a yid went there for the e.r. ?

    B. I don’t know who this Rosenfeld guy is but he definitely didn’t come up with the one Brooklyn name.

    C. The shul only closed during covid

    D. It’s still called kingsbrook Jewish It’s just not an e.r. anymore.

    1. You didn’t address the issue of all the homeless shelters that are being built on the property of what is or was Kingsbrook Jewish Hospital, nor that the beautiful shul that was closed there during COVID has yet to reopen. You seem to be covering over everything thats happening there as though it’s nothing. Whom are you representing our community or the Spoilers?

        1. on this note,I heard that at the request of the rov,chaplain,as well as the board,they closed their full kosher kitchen with a small one!

  3. I think it has a chaplain who was a member of the previous vaad,harav michoel chazan,as well as board members!

    1. Will the title Kingsbrook Jewish still be applied after all the huge highrise shelters have been completed on the properties? Of course I understand that the vast majority of its occupants will not be Jewish anyway. Theses are not senior service residences but huge massive homeless shelters. Yes the once very beautiful shul has a chaplain & board but are they allowed to continue to conduct services on the premises? Will it be safe even to try to do so? The crucial issues seem to be very conveniently evaded here. Sorry not satisfactory!

      1. their are some yidden that work there as well!their are sifrei torah still in the shul I heard!

      2. Anyway the shul might soon be demolished along with the rest of the hospital structure that encloses it h’shV’Sholom! Probably will be nothing likely left there that would show there was once a vibrant beautiful Jewish community that once existed.

  4. The Shul at Kingsbrook is still closed long after the Public Health Emergency (“PHE”) executive orders of NYS Gov Hochul and NYC Mayor Eric Adams have been rescinded.

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