Kids Prepare for the Grand Siyum HaRambam

A promotional video ahead of the upcoming grand Siyum Harambam Celebration highlights children’s devotion to learning Rambam and their preparation for the Siyum.

The excitement surrounding the upcoming grand Siyum Harambam Celebration continues to build as the event’s first promotional video has been released.

This video places a special focus on children’s involvement in learning Rambam and their preparation for the Siyum, demonstrating the dedication and passion of the younger generation to Rambam study.

The Siyum HaRambam, a major celebration marking the completion of the study of the entire Mishneh Torah – Rambam, will take place next Wednesday, April 17th, on Eastern Parkway.

The upcoming Siyum HaRambam will feature renowned Jewish singer Avraham Fried, as well as leading rabbis and speakers sharing insights on the significance of the Siyum.


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