Kids Get Respite from War Horrors at Kharkiv Gan Yisroel

For youngsters living in near the front line of the war, life has not been easy. But thanks to Kharkiv shliach Rabbi Moshe Moskovitz, kids experienced 2 weeks packed full of trips and sports, swimming and learning, arts and crafts and lots of fun.

An amazing summer camp in Kharkiv has come to an end but the memories, the learning, the joy and friends will stay with the happy campers for a long time!

The young campers have been through a year and a half of war in Ukraine and living in Kharkiv near the front line has not been easy. With schools online, and sirens ringing throughout the day – having camp in Kharkiv was a dream that seemed impossible.

But thanks to the support of the Kharkiv Jewish Community under the shliach Rabbi Moshe Moskovitz and the help of JRNU – the dream came true! Two weeks packed full of trips and sports, swimming and learning, arts and crafts and lots of fun.

Anya was signing up to get humanitarian help and food packages from the shul when she saw excited children running all over. Paulina, the secretary, explained that it was the first day of camp and Anya quickly arranged for her daughters to be picked up by the camp buses the following day! Paulina and Arina had a fantastic experience learning for the first time what Shabbos is, how to say brochos and for the first time since the war broke out – they were able to relax, go on trips and make new friends.

Nissim convinced his friend Arsen to join him in camp and they had a great time together – from paintball to bowling, football and swimming – and most special was watching Arsen put on tefillin for the first time.

The campers even helped pack hundreds of food packages and took them to homes throughout the city.

On the last day, the campers wrote a letter to the Rebbe – all praying that the war should end and there should be peace. All the letters will be taken to the Ohel with the special prayers of these young children in Kharkiv praying for a New Year of only good.

Special thanks to the camp directors Rabbi Yaakov and Miriam Yakimenko and the head counselors of the Girls Division Sheina Moskovitz and the Boys Division Sholom Ber Moskovitz for helping make the dream of Camp Gan Yisrael in Kharkiv a reality!

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