Kiddush Levana Celebrated with Grand Ceremony

Yidden from Paris and surrounding areas gathered in Aubervilliers, France to recite kiddush levana, followed by joyous dancing and a special childrens program, in accordance with the Rebbe’s sicha delivered 30 years ago.

For the first time ever, a large crowd gathered in the central square of Aubervilliers, France for a grand kiddush levana ceremony, in accordance with the Rebbe’s sicha delivered exactly 30 years ago.

The area was decorated for the event and a live band with singers enlivened the crowd. The participants who arrived far and near were welcomed with refreshments and l’chaim. After reciting kiddush levana, the crowd continued to dance the night away.

A special program was held for children as well, with the 12 pesukim, treats and special surprises.

“The event was powerful, and we hope to celebrate the next one together with Moshiach” said Rabbi Shmulik Tewl, Chabad Shliach and organizer of the event.


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