Kfar Chabad Archives Are Going Digital

After producing over 1,500 quality magazines, the Kfar Chabad Magazine is finally uploading their archives online to be available for all.

By Anash.org reporter

The flagship Chabad weekly magazine is finally making their vast archives available online for anyone to view.

Kfar Chabad Magazine, established in 5740, is currently in their fifth decade. Over the years, the magazine received much encouragement from the Rebbe, who also gave many instructions to editor-in-chief Rabbi Aharon Dov Halperin regarding its publication and content.

Coming out on a weekly basis, Kfar Chabad contains quality articles regarding Chabad history, current events examined through the lens of the Rebbe’s torah, as well as sichos, letters from the Rebbe, and reports on Chabad activities throughout the world.

During the past decades, one who wished to access a back copy of the magazine, or to check up something in a previous issue, had to dig through libraries or borrow from collectors. Now, for the first time, the magazine publishers are working on uploading the vast archives of approximately 2,000 issues to the internet.

The move was done with little fanfare, and was only announced on social media accounts belonging to magazine editor Menachem Cohen. Cohen shared images and videos of the process, and wrote that they had begun uploading the magazines. However, he did not share many details, and the exact date when they will all be available, as well as how and where the archives would be able to be accessed, were not specified.

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