Keys Dropped in a Drain Leads to Two Mitzvos

While walking on Kingston Avenue, a Jewish visitor to Crown Heights dropped his keys down a drain. While Chaverim helped him retrieve the keys, a passing bochur persuaded the visitor to put on tefillin.

By reporter

Only in Crown Heights.

A visitor to the neighborhood was walking up Kingston Avenue, when his keys fell down a drain. To help retrieve them, he called Crown Heights Chaverim, who are always on call to help on such occasions and so many others.

While Chaverim, always happy to help another Jew, worked to open the drain and get the keys, another passerby asked the man if he would like to put on tefillin. The man demurred, saying he didn’t have time, had his kids in the car, and didn’t feel comfortable.

As the minutes dragged on, another bochur approached and tried to use his powers of persuasion to convince the visitor. But the man still refused, until one of the visitors children’s asked his father to put on tefillin!

Finally, the visitor agreed, and donned tefillin. Just seconds later, the volunteers managed to retrieve the keys, after many long minutes of trying.

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