Keren Meir: A Fulfillment Of The Legacy Of A Legendary Chossid

Keren Meir is currently in the midst of their biannual fundraising raffle to enable them to continue to fuel the fires and quench the souls of thousands of individuals who seek to learn Chassidus.

In a time when so many people are looking for clarity and direction, Keren Meir serves as a shining light, illuminating their neshamos and lives with the Torah of Chassidus, 

R’ Meir Roness A”H was a legendary chossid who dedicated his life to disseminating the wellsprings of Chassidus to thousands of people. He passionately devoted himself to the Rebbe’s extremely heartfelt request of Hafatzos Ha’Maayonos Chutzah.

Keren Meir is an organization that was established seven years ago, dedicated to continue and expand this vital work. They have since worked tirelessly to uphold this mission and to ensure that the numerous projects began by Rabbi Roness can continue to expand and prosper.

The thousands of Shiurim that Keren Meir has provided and facilitated in the seven years since its creation have given the gift of Chassidus to thousands of people yearning for guidance. 

Neshamos all over are thirsting for meaning, and Keren Meir has responded to that need in an extraordinary manner; touching thousands of lives.

Keren Meir is now in the midst of its biannual fundraising campaign. 

By contributing to this campaign, you are directly partnering in the dissemination of Chassidus. 

Join the Keren Meir Summer Raffle and win $10,000 cash!

May you and yours be Bentched both physically and spiritually, and may all of Klal Yisroel merit the “Pla’os Arenu”- the amazing wonders – of the ultimate Geulah with Moshich Tzidkeinu B’Poel Mamosh!!

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