Keren Anash – Providing For Our Community

Keren Anash, a project of 770, is committed to providing basic Yomtov needs for members of Crown Heights Anash who find themselves in a compromised financial situation this Yomtov.

When the community comes together to support their fellow community members experiencing hard times, Hiney Ma Tov U’mah Na’im.

In the Gemara it is written: “Aniyeh Ircha Kodmim.” This teaches us that when it comes to Tzedakkah, one must prioritize their neighbors in need.

There are many families in our community who currently find themselves in a compromised financial situation due to the onset of COVID-19. 

Though the situation may seem to have calmed down a bit, the virus still poses an ever present threat. Furthermore, the devastating effects of the virus have left many people struggling in its wake. Many have lost their jobs, lost their customers and have had to face loss or unforeseen medical expenses.

Now, Tishrei is approaching; bringing with it a variety of additional expenses.

As you plan your menus and fill your shopping cart this Yomtov, consider contributing to the Keren Anash Campaign.

All proceeds will go towards providing basic Yomtov needs for members of Anash.

Let’s join together to bring Simchas Yomtov to every single member of our community.

To learn more about Keren Anash and to participate in the campaign visit:

Thank you for your support,

The Gabboim of 770

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