Keren Anash: No Table in Crown Heights Left Empty

Keren Anash ensures that every member of Crown Heights Jewish has the financial support they need. This Rosh Hashana they have 350 families in need of assistance to be able to afford Rosh Hashana meals and other related expenses.

Rosh Hashanah is approaching, and the streets of Crown Heights are abuzz with anticipation. Guests have begun pouring in from around the world, and local balabustas are weaving in and out of Kingston stores as they attack their pre-Yom Tov shopping lists.  

For some, however, the weeks before Tishrei are a never-ending cycle of worry and doubt. Fathers and mothers are running the numbers, desperately trying to come up with the money they need to buy ingredients fit for Yom Tov cooking, or to replace Shloimy’s hole-ridden Shabbos shoes… yet they keep coming up empty.

Keren Anash is determined not to let these families go without, but we need your help! It’s hard to feel the true joy of Yom Tov when your neighbor’s fridge is empty. Baruch Hashem, our community is a pillar of generosity, and every year, we come through. This year, there are 350 families relying on you; with Rosh Hashanah less than one week away, now is the time to act!  

“Times are tight, and the cost of living keeps rising,” shared a recipient of Keren Anash’s Yom Tov checks. “Without Keren Anash, we would have to skip chicken and fish and make do with challah and soup. These days, before I make kiddush, I look around at our beautifully set table and send a prayer of thanks to Hashem for the kindness and support of our community.”  

Yom Tov is meant to be celebrated around a full table, with a light heart. Help us bring joy and peace of mind to Crown Heights families. 

Click here to donate and help our own neighbors celebrate Yom Tov properly!

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