Keeping Shabbos on Friday Afternoon

When the Rebbe advised a frum man to keep Shabbos properly for success in business, the man expressed bewilderment. But then the Rebbe told him what “keeping Shabbos properly” meant.

Whenever people sought the Rebbe’s bracha for parnassa, the Rebbe would direct them to lead their business in a Torah manner. Through being particular with maaser money, careful with ribis, or simply by affixing a mezuza correctly, the Rebbe explained, the business becomes a vessel for Hashem’s brachos.

A businessman approached the Rebbe to receive a dollar on 2 Nissan 5751 (1991). As he took the dollar, he made his simple request: “Rebbe, a bracha for my business.”

“You must see to it to keep Shabbos at the business properly,” said the Rebbe.

The Yid, somewhat offended, assured the Rebbe that he was a shomer Shabbos, and his business was therefore obviously closed on Shabbos.

“Properly,” explained the Rebbe, “means that it is also closed on Friday afternoon.”

(Zorea Tzedakos Matzmiach Yeshuos, Page 135)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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