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With Purim preparations and Pesach cleaning here, you want your kids to be busy with good things. Tune in to Torah Luminations for high-quality, 3D-animated stories of tzadikim and chassidim.

With Purim preparations and Pesach cleaning here, you want your kids to be busy with good things. That’s true all year ‘round but especially during these four weeks that span the joy of Purim to the beauty of the Pesach Seder. What if you can keep them busy with something fun that also builds your child’s Chassidishkeit, middos tovos, Yiras Shomayim and lamdos? 

High-quality, 3D-animated videos (please see images below after article) based on stories from “Talks & Tales”, the Machanayim series “Stories of Tzaddikim”, “Tales of the Baal Shem Tov” as well as a modern-day cheder boys adventures entitled “Team Tzaddikim” are uniquely produced by Torah Luminations. These videos are specifically created to make both kids as well as parents happy and laugh while providing visually stunning videos that are filled with teachings of Chassidus! Here are some of the Chassidic themes your child will see and hear only exclusively offered at

  • The brocha one makes when seeing a King – Tales of the Baal Shem Tov Episode 6
  • “Our Rebbe knows what he is doing even if we do not!” – The Golem to the Rescue
  • “The sun rising, the sun setting – these too are no less of a wonder than the splitting of the sea by Moishe, our teacher. It is our holy Torah that teaches how to see these wonders, that nature is not nature but Hashem.” – Tales of the Baal Shem Tov Episode 6
  • “Ain od milvado. Nothing can help you or harm you unless der gutter Bashefer wills it.” – Tales of the Baal Shem Tov Episode 5
  • “Bi-ta-chon. It means I’m certain that Hashem watches over me and does everything for my good.” – Tales of the Baal Shem Tov Episode 5

One moment kids will laugh while watching officers dance as they sing “We’re here, to do, the will of the King!” or “So says the King, so it shall be done!” and in another moment, kids will be captivated watching the animated beauty of a time-elapsed sunset, nightfall and sunrise as Reb Adam Baal Shem learns Torah from sunset until sunrise.

“Besides animating a rich, Chassidic story – we weave in many teachings from the Rebbe’s sichos. Kids are learning chassidus on a kid’s level while enjoying watching a classic, Chassidic story” says Avrahom-Moishe Erlenwein, Co-Founder and Animator at Torah Luminations. “Each video is reviewed by Mechonchim and Rabbonim for age appropriateness, halacha, hoshkofa and chassidishkeit before they are released for streaming or download from”

“As a Lubavitcher and a mother, I put my heart and soul into helping produce these videos that I believe will touch your child’s heart and soul, Bezras Hashem!” exclaims Chana-Aidel Erlenwein, Co-Founder and animator.

“That’s the beauty of using videos to give Chassidus to children. We mix humor, stunning visuals, mammarei chazal, niggunim and toon music – all within the context of specially selected sippurei tzaddikim. While the videos are geared for ages four to bar/bas-mitzvah years of age, I’ve seen toddlers glued to the screen while “dancing” along to the music in the videos!”

With 22 videos currently available, you can get $550 worth of videos at approximately 30-45 minutes each for just $19.99 which provides four weeks of unlimited viewing. You can decide if you want to cancel via email before your 30 days have ended or continue your access; it’s a month-by-month membership. New videos are continually being added and are included with a monthly subscription. There’s a FAQ page, “help”, email support, and a toll-free number to call if you have any questions or need more information.

Stay tuned for our next article which will feature many of the quotes from the Gemara and the Rambam that kids soak into their minds while enjoying videos from

Give your kids visual Chassidishkeit and keep them busy with good things by visiting

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