Kashrus Study Group Urges Increased Education

The ‘Kashrus: Be in the Know’ group is urging kosher consumers to educate themselves in order to maintain proper kashrus standards.

Going shopping at your local frum grocery store? Did you know that even with the heimish environment and Jewish music playing, the supermarket is not necessarily giving a Hashgacha on everything they sell? To be clear, the stores are not trying to intentionally mislead customers. In truth, they rely on you to be an educated kosher consumer and make your own choices based on that knowledge. 

Simchas are always wonderful, and we wish one another to meet by them, but what about eat by them? It’s important to note before enjoying the food, who prepared it and what hashgacha it is under. Just because the food was prepared by a caterer under a Hashgacha, does not mean that the desserts and the bar are under their Hashgacha too. Often, simple investigation can solve these questions.

But what’s the next step? How does one know what is proper to buy or eat? 

Here’s what you can do: Educate yourself to understand what questions to ask. The more consumers are aware, the more of an effect it can have on what is sold at your local grocery store, or served at an upcoming simcha. Each person gaining knowledge helps lead to an increase in kashrus awareness, and in maintaining proper kashrus standards. 

In an interview with the Mishpacha magazine, Rabbi Sholem Fishbane of the CRC Chicago explains what consumers need to know and how they can make a change for the better. All consumers are encouraged to take the time to read it for the valuable information it contains on these topics. You can access the article through the following link: https://mishpacha.com/step-up-to-the-plate/

Kashrus: Be In The Know is an organization that was created with the intention to increase kashrus awareness and provide consumers with a knowledge of basic halacha, as well as important information regarding how foods are made and processed. With this information, they hope to help people in making educated choices when buying products.

Although the classes are given by Rabbis who both work in reputable hashgachos, and have a depth of knowledge in Halacha as well as the food industry, the classes given do not reflect the opinions of the agencies they work for. It also does not in any way replace asking questions to a Rav. They encourage everyone to reach out to their Rav when deciding on personal Kashrus standards.

To view past classes, visit their website at www.kashrusbeintheknow.com

Click on links below to join for a short weekly class with practical and relevant kashrus information!

Men’s Group:https://chat.whatsapp.com/HcTFbecRxCs5MXvOoTtNNF
Women’s Group:https://chat.whatsapp.com/CHa2Busa6bOAsGScqskagi

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