Kashrus in Alcoholic Beverages: Facts and Myths

Rabbi Nissan Zibell of Kashrus: Be In The Know, provides clarity to the many questions, myths, and confusions on the kashrus of alcoholic beverages.

Ever wonder:
What can be wrong with plain beer?
Is scotch aged in wine casks acceptable?
What alcoholic beverages are recommended without Reliable Hashgacha?

Concluding Purim, Rabbi Nissan Zibell of Kashrus: Be In The Know provides clarity to the many questions, myths, and confusions on the kashrus of alcoholic beverages, along with extensive articles and lists on the topic.

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AKO Whiskey Alert and more FAQ’S

Star K Liquor List

CRC Liquor List

Sherry Casks – A Halachik Perspective

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Reb Mordechai Bendon, a world class whisky expert, for his generosity in sharing the following lists with the public.

See below for constantly updated lists.

For a full review and myth-busting compilation on Sherry cask usage in the Scottish whisky industry, click here.

For a continuously updated list of whiskies without any Stam Yeinam, click here.

Kashrus: Be In The Know is an organization that has been helping to educate consumers for over a year now.

The best way to keep kosher at home is by learning the halachos that one needs to know. And then there is shopping in the supermarket…

Kashrus: Be In The Know was created with the intention to increase Kashrus awareness and provide consumers with a knowledge of basic halacha, as well as important information regarding how foods are made and processed. With this information, it is their hope to help people in making educated choices when buying products.

Although the classes are given by Rabbis who both work in respectable hashgachos, and have a depth of knowledge in Halacha as well as the food industry, it does not in any way replace asking questions to a Rav. Rather, it presents the awareness to even know what to ask.

To date, there are over 1,500 people receiving weekly and informative classes on their WhatsApp and Signal groups! 

To join a weekly group, click on the links below. You can also visit their website for past classes at www.kashrusbeintheknow.com

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