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Have you ever wondered: Do ice cream cones or breakfast cereals need to be pas yisroel? What’s the difference between chalav aku”m and chalav stam? One organization has set out to help you find the answers to these, and similar, questions.

Have you ever wondered:

Do ice cream cones or breakfast cereals need to be pas yisroel?

What’s the difference between Chalav Aku”m and Chalav Stam?

Bishul Yisroel. What are the differences between halacha, chumrah and minhag?

Are products labeled as dairy-free considered pareve, or is it true that there could be actual dairy in them?

Do vitamins need a hechsher?  What are vitamins made up of, and what is the difference between vitamins taken for medicinal purposes vs. Vitamins for elective purposes?

Do frozen and raw fruits and veggies need a hechsher?

If there is red juice coming out of my chicken when I broil it, is that blood, or not a kashrus concern?

These are just a few questions that are addressed in over 65 classes that Kashrus: Be in the know! has been sending out on a  weekly basis.

Rav Shimon Raichik A”H once related: 

“Rabbi Chaim Goldzweig z”l, from Chicago, was one of the biggest experts in Kashrus and worked for the OU. My father (Rabbi Menachem Shmuel Dovid Halevi Raichik A”h) personally relied on him when it came to questions of Kashrus and consulted with him from time to time.

Rabbi Goldzweig was once in yechidus by the Rebbe, and the Rebbe told him that he should speak to N’Shei U’Bnos Chabad about Kashrus. He said to the Rebbe, “Here (Crown Heights)?! To the N’shei U’Bnos Chabad, I have to speak about Kashrus?” And the Rebbe replied, “Yes, because the women don’t know when to be meikel (lenient) and when to be machmir (strict). Sometimes, they are meikel when they shouldn’t be, and machmir when they don’t have to be”.

(This Yechidus was told over to Rav Shimon Raichik A”H from Rabbi Goldzweig, once on his visit to California. The above message is the content of what the Rebbe said, not word for word).

Kashrus: Be In The Know is an organization that has been helping to educate consumers for over three years now.

Kashrus: Be In The Know was created with the intention to increase Kashrus awareness and provide consumers with a knowledge of basic halacha, as well as important information regarding how foods are made and processed. With this information, it is their hope to help people in making educated choices when buying products or eating out.

Although the classes are given by Rabbis who both work in respectable hashgachos, and have a depth of knowledge in Halacha as well as the food industry, it does not in any way replace asking questions to a Rav. Rather, it presents the awareness to even know what to ask.

To date, there are over 1,800 people receiving weekly and informative classes on their WhatsApp Groups.

In addition to classes, many helpful charts and lists were published to help clarify topics and make things easier to understand in a practical way. 

Kashrus: Be in the Know is having a live campaign and is reaching out to the public for support. 

Please click on the link below to partner with them and support their vital work in continuing  to raise kashrus awareness this year!


To find out more, visit their website with all archived classes at kashrusbeintheknow.com . You can also access all classes on any Podcast platform by searching Kashrus: Be in the know. To join a WhatsApp group with a short class sent out every week on relevant kashrus information click on the links below.

Womens WhatsApp Group
Mens WhatsApp Group

May our efforts to strengthen Kashrus lead us to the Geulah Sheleima now!

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