Kashrus Alert for Lieber’s Pickles

An urgent Kashrus Alert has been issued for Lieber’s mini gherkins due to concerns of infestation, Rabbi Menachem M. Weissmandl, Rav Hamachshir of Lieber’s snacks, warned on Monday.

Rabbi Menachem Meir Weissmandl, the Rav Hamachshir of Lieber’s snacks, issued an urgent Kashrus alert about an infected batch of Lieber’s mini gherkins.

It appears that a number of jars had gherkins that were rotten and wormy. The alert points to lots 20296 and 20328 of the gherkins production as the contaminated batch.

Consumers are asked to hold off from eating any Lieber’s gherkins until the matter could be further investigated.

“This is to inform the public that Lieber’s Mini Gerkins – Lot #20328 – 20296 were found to contain clearly visible rotten and infested Gherkin’s. They are easily visible. One should not eat them until we have a chance to look into it, and have a chance to inspect them all,” Rabbi Weissmandl wrote.

Rav Weissmandl promised to follow up with a clarification after such an investigation has been conducted.

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