Kapelle Choir Performs Unknown Purim Niggun

Watch: The Kapelle Choir and musician Yossi Cohen perform ‘B’mei Mordechai V’esther’, a scarcely known Purim niggun composed by chossid R’ Eliyahu Rivkin.

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  1. When I (and other Bochrim) learned Nigunim by Rabbi Eli Rivkin OH, he taught us this Nigun, stating he heard it from Rabbi Beitch at the annual Purim Seuda in the house of the old Rov Rabbi Shneur Garelik OBM. That was when Kfar Chabad was yet small, and they fit into one house…
    The Nigun was from Poland, the Beitches know its origin..

    1. Some say its from Reb Meir from Paritch.
      But who is that? (Reb Hillel’s father?)
      And how reliable is that tradition?

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