Just Before You Hit Snooze…

Watch: A forlorn tree celebrating its birthday in the midst of the frigid winter imparts a message to us on how to revamp our morning routine. 

A large majority of the individuals surveyed admitted to snoozing their alarms at least once (if not twice) before getting out of bed. The alarm chimes and triggers thoughts of the bills that need to be paid, the projects that need to be tackled, and the people that need to be dealt with. It’s no surprise that waking up is a struggle for many. 

How can we combat our groggy, snoozing habits? Is there hope for a chronic snoozer to cease the fight with the alarm?

A forlorn tree celebrating its birthday in the midst of the frigid winter imparts a message to us on how to revamp our morning routine. Have you ever wondered why we celebrate the New Year of the Trees on the 15th of Shevat, during this icy season when the trees are mostly bare? 

The custom in many Jewish circles is to eat the fruits of the Shivas Haminim on this day. -although it is winter and most fruits are not yet ripe- because the potential for the fruit’s growth begins now. On the 15th of Shevat, the inner world of the tree comes to life as the sap begins to flow and the growth-cycle of the tree is renewed. 

On the 15th of Shevat, we impart a message of strength to the desolate tree. Dear tree: You will need to weather the seasons, but eventually, you will bear these luscious fruits that we are eating today.


Our days mirror the cycle of the tree that begins on the 15th of Shevat. As we wake up each morning, our sap begins to flow.  The first thing that we do is declare “Modeh Ani — Thank you, Hashem, for returning my soul.”

The moment of Modeh Ani invigorates our morning. It is our acknowledgement to Hashem and the mission He has given us. The potential accomplishments of our entire day are handed to us and we can anticipate those fruits of our labor. 

Despite the overwhelming tasks ahead of us, the recognition of our potential achievements can inspire us to wake up and seize the day. Even chronic snoozers can triumph over the hushed alarm.


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