‘Judaic Park’ Celebrated the Rebbe’s Birthday

Over 2,000 children and their parents enjoyed a day of rides, music, shows, and Jewish activities, organized by Tzivos Hashem of France in honor of the Rebbe’s 120th birthday.

In honor of the 120th birthday of the Rebbe, Tzivos Hashem France organized a unique event during Chol Hamoed Pesach: the JUDAIC PARK, at the ‘Port aux Cerises’ nearby Paris.

Under a magnificent sun, more than 2,000 kids with their parents enjoyed superb attractions, an interactive game “Judaic Quiz”, a large animated Kinus with music and singers, and the show of the famous tightrope walker artist ‘Didier le Funambule’. So many great sensations for the pleasure of young and old!

A grand raffle took place, and each participant left with a special gift.

Congratulations to all the Tzivos Hashem team directed by Rabbi Elie Assouline.

Photos: Mordehai Lubecki and Moche Ifrach 

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