Join the World-Wide Geulah Gathering in Merit of Ukraine

Join thousands of children world wide who will gather at the same time to daven for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, and for the complete and ultimate redemption.

in connection with the URGENT request from Jewish leaders to UNITE globally and simultaneously to protect Yidden of Ukraine and bring Moshiach : men, women and especially children….
And since the power is in the children’s hands as in the days of Mordechai and Esther!

Make a Childrens Geula Gathering!

Be part of 22,000 children gathering around the world!

Please join together at 1 pm EST for TORAH TEFILLAH AND TZEDAKAH and ask Hashem for Moshiach NOW!!

Please gather in groups and especially schools -TODAY Wednesday- Ta’anis Esther

Below are some great resources from the Childrens Geula Gathering that we can watch together to unite:

50 min video of Geula centered entertainment and tochen made for Taanis Esther.

YouTube player

Beautiful Song ”Mordechai’s Kinderlach” to relive the Purim story

Unity message by Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum!

YouTube player

Register your gathering to be officially part of the 22,000 count at!

PLEASE SHARE EVERYWHERE!! We need YOUR help to get the word out; every single voice of our dear kinderlach will pierce the heavens to insist that Hashem send us Moshiach NOW!!!

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