Join Moully Live as He Creates Legendary Art

Pop-Art Rabbi Yitzchok Moully will be going live at 1:00 PM tomorrow to create a collaborative artwork – titled “Overflowing Blessings” – together with you!

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We are all living through truly unique and challenging times, each of us experiencing this pandemic in different ways. Now more than ever, we need to seek out the positivity in our lives and the world around us.

“Particularly at trying times, recognizing our blessings gives us a positive perspective and uplifts our lives,” Rabbi Yitzchok Moully told “This is the theme of my collaborative art piece titled ‘Overflowing Blessings.'”

Tomorrow- Thursday, March 26, Rosh Chodesh Nissan at 1:00 PM EST- Moully will be offering an opportunity to contribute to this artwork by sharing something you are grateful for.

“With every blessing that you share, I will verbalize each blessing and pour one of 10 bright colors over our collective ‘Cup of Blessings’ to visualize the abundant blessings in our lives,” Moully said. “Together we will create a beautiful ‘Overflowing Blessings’ sculpture.”

Please spread this message and share your blessings before he goes live on Facebook & Instagram. Your blessings can be shared via the above two mediums before the livestream begins, or by submitting your blessing in the comment box below.

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