Join Bonei Olam Chabad in Making Dreams a Reality

This summer Bonei Olam Chabad invites you to join together in building our community’s tomorrow. 1 in 6 couples struggle with infertility. These events are an opportunity to show your support. 

In 2022, 600 men joined together for an extraordinary evening supporting Bonei Olam Chabad. Across bungalows upstate, women had their own gatherings, opening their homes and hearts to help turn a couple’s deepest wish into a reality. These events kickstarted a campaign that raised over $1 million to help those in our own community struggling with fertility. 

This summer, Bonei Olam Chabad is gearing up to host its annual summer events, bringing the community together to support couples facing infertility challenges. The events, set to take place on July 31, 2023, promise to be a transformative experience as our community unites to make dreams of parenthood a reality. This year, Bonei Olam is raising $1.3 million to ensure they can assist every couple in our community who needs their help. 

Men, you won’t have to leave the neighborhood this year to show your support. Join us at the Arches, a beautiful venue right here in Crown Heights, for an extraordinary evening featuring an open bar, cigar rolling, gourmet meat buffet and a kumzitz with Mordechai Ben-David and so much more. 

After doing multiple smaller events upstate for the women, this year, in the spirit of Hakhel, Bonei Olam Chabad is inviting all women upstate to come together for one big event, showing our support for those who dream of becoming a mother. 

Join us upstate in Monticello for an unforgettable ladies’ luncheon at Bourbon Cafe. Hear the stories, listen to the challenging road to parenthood, and discover how you can partake in another person’s miracle. 

Bonei Olam’s relentless dedication to helping those facing infertility has touched the lives of countless families over the years, with over 10,000 babies born thanks to their support. Bonei Olam Chabad ensures that everyone in our community can have the opportunity to build a family. 

Although 1 in 6 couples struggles with infertility, it can still be a deeply personal and often unspoken struggle for many couples. Bonei Olam Chabad recognizes the importance of community support during such trying times and aims to bridge the gap by providing financial and emotional assistance.

Attending the events gives you a unique opportunity to be there for those silently struggling in our community. The Bonei Olam Chabad summer events are not merely gatherings; they are a manifestation of unity and compassion. When we stand together, miracles happen. Bonei Olam events are about more than raising funds; they’re about raising hope and fostering a sense of togetherness. Every dollar contributed can make a life-changing difference for couples dreaming of building a family. 

Together, we can transform their greatest hope into our community’s tomorrow. 

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