Join a Chol Hamoed Shiur in Crown Heights

Chol Hamoed Shiurim will be taking place throughout Crown Heights. Various shiurim on Rambam, chassidus, Gemarah, Halacha and Eyin yaakov are available at different locations and timings daily.

Chol Hamoed Shiurim will be taking place locally in crown heights. Various shiurim on Rambam, chassidus, Gemoroh, Halacha and Eyin yaakov are available at different locations and timings daily.

As is well known chol Hamoed is a time for Torah study as stated by the Rebbe.

“In regards to the weekdays of chol Hamoed, there is a special lesson to engage in the Torah day and night literally, besides times of prayer & simchas yom tov.  

Therefore it is proper, right and good that during chol Hamoed everyone should increase in Torah study, for himself & also encourage others to add in the study of Torah.” – Likutei Sichos 7 p. 266.

Local Shiurim:

Rabbi Motti Lipsker Chassidus shiur –
Rayim Ahuvim 1614 Carroll st  8:00-8:45 am Followed by Shacharis

Rabbi Hershel Lustig –
394 kingston Ave upstairs Daf Gemoroh 9:30-10:30 am

Rabbi Fishel Oster Chassidus –
10:30-11:00 am Gemoroh 11:00-11:45 am   Merkaz Avreichim 466 Albany Ave  (downstairs)

Rabbi Tzvi Rimler – Ayin Yaakov / Halacha Chevra Shas  398 Kingston Ave. 6:30 pm

Rabbi Shraga Homnick – 1 Perek Rambam Rayim Ahuvim 1614 Caroll st. 7 pm

Rabbi shalom Ber Shpielman – 1 Perek Rambam lefferts shul 7 pm

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Yusewitz – 3 Perakim Rambam 770 Eastern  Parkway basement  8:30 pm

Rabbi Mendel Bluming – 1 Perek Rambam Geshem Shul 578 Albany Ave. 8:30 PM

Rabbi Zalman Hertzel – 3 Perakim Rambam  Hebrew 304 Kingston Ave. 10:15 pm

Community members are advised to consult and follow medical guidelines.

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