South Africa Anash Gather in Preparation for Gimmel Tammuz

140 anash in Johannesburg joined the global effort to learn all of the Rebbe’s maamarim before Gimmel Tammuz.

In honor of 25 years since Gimmel Tammuz, anash around the world have committed to learn the Rebbe’s maamarim as part of an initiative spearheaded by Mr. Josh Goldhirsch of Melbourne, Australia.

In Johannesburg, South Africa, 140 people participated in Sunday’s learning event which was arranged by Rabbi Ari Shishler. At the end of the evening, a raffle was drawn for an all expense paid trip to the Rebbe for Gimmel Tammuz. Yitzy Rothman was the lucky winner.

The anash community of Capetown, South Africa participated with a gathering of its own. Between the two communities, South African anash learned a total of 78 maamarim.

Many other communities will be hosting similar gatherings over the course of this week. If you do not live near a participating community and would like to be part of the effort, email [email protected].

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