JLI Releases Sneak Peek of Upcoming National Jewish Retreat

JLI has released the first glimpse at some of the presenters and highlights set to take place at the National Jewish Retreat this August in Miami.

JLI has released the first glimpse at some of the presenters and highlights set to take place at the National Jewish Retreat this August in Miami.

The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute has highlighted some of the 150 workshops that participants will enjoy at this year’s highly anticipated National Jewish Retreat.

Monarchs, Measles & Mitochondria:

Professor of Jewish medical ethics, Rabbi Edward Reichman, MD, dives into the Jewish people’s centuries of experience in the medical field.

Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet explores how you can harness your willpower and accomplish the superhuman.

A Journey of Faith and Fashion with Joyce

Joyce Azria learned to love fashion alongside her father, fashion house CEO Max Azria. She launched several brands and today is president of SWISS1876. Her new children’s book is Choicey Joycie.

The Holocaust Band

Saul Dreier survived three concentration camps at age 17. At 91, he took his drums and formed a klezmer band of Holocaust survivors. His moving story gushes faith, resilience, and remembering.

Law Not War

U.S Army Investigator Ben Ferencz documented the horrors of the Holocaust, and at Nuremberg, he charged 22 Nazis with the deaths of millions. At 103, Ben remains a beacon of justice.

Launching: The Book of Jewish Knowledge

The brand new Book of Jewish Knowledge crams the vast Jewish experience into a gorgeous coffee table book. From Talmudic passages and Kabbalistic diagrams to gefilte fish recipes, it all bursts to life on these pages.

Jewish Comedy

Howl with laughter as Comedian Avi Lieberman takes a hilarious look at the sometimes not-so-funny aspects of everyday Jewish life.

Chavruta Detective

Immerse in the world of the yeshiva study hall. Investigate a legal case with your study partner, and explore the Torah’s approach to the topic of abortion.

People Of The Word

Authors Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson and Rabbi Zalman Abraham explore fifty long-misunderstood Hebrew words and their surprising impact on Jewish values and culture.

Jewish Trivia

This fast-paced Jewish knowledge game is anything but trivial. These trivia questions will keep you on your toes as you compete for a payoff.

The Future of Learning

We all know Virtual Reality is the future, but what if the future is now? Experience the Holy Temple using the power of Virtual Reality, and glimpse Jewish learning’s future.

Murder Mystery Talmud

Who killed Rabbi Adda bar Abba? The Sages of the Talmud tried to figure out that in Baba Batra. From the Talmud’s list of suspects and possible motives, we decipher the clues and guess “who done it.”

Spirituality & Wellness

Neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Newberg and Psychologist Dr. David Romarin let us in on the latest research, uncovering the intersection of spirituality and wellness and the impact of spiritual practices on your brain.

Soul Talk

Renowned Kabbalist and teacher Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolff leads a journey through the Jewish art of meditation to help you master your mind and emotions.

In addition to these highlights, as well as the many panels and presentations at the retreat, participants are sure to enjoy the world class art and entertainment as well as five-star gourmet meals and tearoom. 

The retreat is known for its star-studded faculty, including over seventy of the world’s most sought after Jewish thinkers and lecturers. This year’s lineup includes Rabbi Manis Friedman, book author, renowned speaker, and YouTube’s most popular rabbi; Mrs. Rivkah Slonim, associate director of the Rohr Chabad Center for Jewish Student Life at Binghamton University and author of multiple books; Mr. Rich Cohen, author of New York Times best sellers, including Tough Jews, The Record Men: The Chess Brothers and the Birth of Rock & Roll, The Avengers: A Jewish War Story, and Israel Is Real; Rabbi Simon Jacobson, acclaimed lecturer and dean of The Meaningful Life Center; Mrs. Hadassah Chen, host of “Real Talk with Hadassah Chen” on Arutz Sheva; Mr. David Sacks; and Rabbi Moshe Bryski, director of Chabad of the Conejo and acclaimed lecturer.

For more of the faculty lineup and program details, visit the retreat website, www.jretreat.com

The National Jewish Retreat will take place August 9–14, 12–17 Av, at the Doral Hotel in Miami, Florida. To register, click here. Shluchim seeking more information can contact Rabbi Chaim Zippel: [email protected].

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