JLI Brings Learning Boost to 30+ High Schools and Seminaries

After seeing their courses succeed at Chabad Houses across the globe, JLI opened its vast library of courses for Lubavitch high schools and seminaries all over the world.

Over thirty Chabad high schools and seminaries worldwide have partnered with JLI to bring
highly engaging courses on Yiddishkeit’s fundamentals to their classrooms.

JLI is now giving its partner schools additional resources and classes that explore the
significance of Eretz Yisrael and offer guidance for finding bitachon during hard times.

Presenting select courses from JLI’s immense library of courses on emunah, applied halacha,
chassidus, Jewish history, and more, these schools are creating space for fascinating
discussions on big topics and seeing student enthusiasm skyrocket.

Beis Rivkah High School in Crown Heights introduced JLI’s course on Tanya, Worrier to Warrior,
alongside courses on halachic medical ethics and The Kabbalah of Character.

“A broad range of our students found the courses engaging,” says Mrs. Sara Blau, a popular
educator and extracurricular director at Beis Rivkah. She points to the interactive course design,
“The PowerPoint presentations especially were effective, and the courses created an excellent
springboard for deeper discussions, especially on how Yiddishkiet relates to our everyday lives.”

At Bnos Chomesh Academy, principal Mrs. Dena Gorkin says students enjoyed the more
interactive format. “Our 11th and 12th graders especially immensely enjoyed a step up from the
typical lecture format of learning,” she says.

Mrs. Gorkin says her students gained a fresh appreciation for the basics of yiddishkeit. “It
breathed new life into their understanding of fundamental concepts like emunah, the impact of
our mitzvos, and the meaning of davening,” she says.

JLI’s curriculum development team, headed by Rabbis Naftali Silberberg and Mordechai
Dinerman, works to ensure all courses are authentically aligned with the Rebbe’s vision, offer a
compelling overview of the subject matter, and are relevant and engaging for all types of

JLI is now offering exclusive discounts that enable a broader range of schools to access high-
quality educational resources.

For more information and pricing details, don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]

Participating Schools:

United States:
Brooklyn. NY
● Beis Rivka High School
● Beis Rivka Seminary
● Yeshiva Chovevei Torah
● Mesivta Oholei Torah
● Darchai Menachem
● Bnos Menachem High School
● Bnos Chomesh Academy
Great Neck, NY
● Silverstein Hebrew Academy
Monsey, NY
● Bais Chaya High School
Albany, NY
● Maimonides Hebrew Day School
Los Angeles, California
● Cheder Menachem
● Jewish Educational Trade School (JETS)
Orange County, California
● The Hebrew Academy
Wilkes Barre/Kingston, Pennsylvania
● Bais Menachem
● Lubavitch Girls Kingston
● Bais Schneur Zal
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
● Yeshiva Schools
Coral Springs, Florida
● Rohr Bais Chaya
New Haven, Connecticut
● Yeshiva Bais Dovid Shlomo
Phoenix, Arizona
● Beis Chana Highschool

Chicago, Illinois
● Lubavitch Girls High School
Brookline, Massachusetts
● New England Hebrew Academy

Montreal, Quebec
● Mesivta Kerem Menachim
● Chaya Mushka Seminary
Toronto, Ontario
● Beis Chomesh High School

South Africa:
● The Torah Academy
● Lubavitch Yeshiva Gedolah

● Beth Rivkah Ladies College


● Machon Alte
● Tzeirei Hashluchim

United Kingdom:
● Lubavitch Senior Girls School

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