JewQ International Holding Regional Championships

As the International Torah Championship wraps up its fourth season, almost 100 regional championship events are happening around the globe. The local winners will advance to the JewQ International Championship Final in NY.

Since JewQ launched earlier this year, Chabad Hebrew School kids worldwide have spent their time memorizing Jewish heroes or going over the twelve pesukim. Kids are motivated to study the information thanks to a robust championship structure created by CKids. 

“These kids have been working nonstop to study for their JewQ tests,” says Rabbi Mendel Raskin, JewQ director. “We’re blown away by their dedication.”

The local championships, rolling out this week, are taking place for 139 participating Hebrew schools around the world and include 11 regional and 85 local events. The top three contestants of these regional showdowns will compete live on stage at the JewQ International Championship.

“Local and regional events are a chance to put the spotlight on each child, making an impact in the greater community,” explains Rabbi Zalman Koval, JewQ’s regional coordinator. “These kids deserve the awards.”

At the local events, an exciting game show will have the children face-off to demonstrate their impressive knowledge on stage. Rapid-fire questions like “Where will all Jews live when Moshiach comes?” or “How many minutes before sunset do we light candles?” will challenge the Hebrew school students to jog their memories and recall the pages of information that they’ve been studying over and over again for months.

Perhaps the highlight of the regional events is when each JewQ champion is awarded a “golden ticket” that certifies their Shabbaton eligibility. “My son has been talking nonstop about going on this Shabbaton ever since he got back last year,” says parent Samantha Davis from Massachusetts. The JewQ Shabbaton is a life-changing experience in New York that gives Hebrew School kids an authentic and thrilling taste of Yiddishkeit.

“Besides for the incredible amount of Torah knowledge that these kids learned, each champion is infused with a passion and excitement for Yiddishkeit that is unmatched,” points out Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, vice chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch. 

Of course, as exciting as the local and regional events may be, they are only a warm-up to the grand finale at the JewQ International Torah Championship event taking place on March 13th in NY. Thousands of kids around the globe are excitedly awaiting to see who will emerge as this year’s JewQ international champion.

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