JewQ Gears Up for International Torah Championship

The JewQ championship game show will feature the top 120 Hebrew School students from around the world in an interactive game show on topics such as Yomim Tovim, Jewish heroes, the Twelve Pesukim, Brachos, and davening.

CKids is excited to announce this year’s esteemed judges for the JewQ championship game show. The event gives Hebrew School children worldwide a platform to demonstrate their knowledge of Judaism in an interactive game show. The top 120 students appear on stage, competing in topics such as Jewish holidays, Jewish heroes, the Twelve Pesukim, Brachos, and Basic Prayers.

With unfortunate events in Israel reminding Jewish parents worldwide of the importance of Jewish education, CKids has seen increased interest in the JewQ program. As a result, more families than ever have registered to participate in the Shabbaton celebrating children’s Jewish Education. The weekend’s climax is the JewQ International Championship event, organized by Rabbi Mendel Raskin, JewQ Program Director at Merkos 302. The grand finale is a celebration of Jewish pride, where children have the chance to take the stage to display the efforts and passion they have invested in their heritage.

Joining these children on stage at the CKids Shabbaton finale on Sunday, March 7th, are three prestigious judges who will have the honor of crowning the next JewQ champion. The judges who have an intimate knowledge of both the information being competed on, and the curriculum that the contestants have studied are as follows:

Mrs. Chaya Loewenthal, Co-Director of CKids International at Merkos 302 and creator of the JewQ competition, has worked with Hebrew school staff around the globe to create an intuitive curriculum and a program that motivates the students. “Seeing how much these children have grown has been inspiring,” shares Mrs. Lowenthal, “We want to celebrate that growth and create a competition that will motivate them to do more.” 

Mrs. Sara Bluming, co-director of Chabad of Potomac, Maryland, is an experienced Shluchah and educator as well as a sought-after speaker who shares her journey of having a child in the IDF, currently serving on the front lines. Mrs. Bluming is a seasoned educator who sits on the CKids Board of Shluchim. To date, over 625 Hebrew schools across the globe have used her contributions to programming and teaching techniques, which have created incredible learning experiences for modern children. Her insight and first-hand experience with Hebrew School students have been crucial in the creation of JewQ and many other CKids initiatives. 

Ms. Chaya Zirkind, manager of the CKids Hebrew School division, has a Master’s degree in education and has utilized that experience in her work with CKids. She has worked directly with Hebrew schools around the world, creating and refining their programs to be as successful as possible. “We are so excited about this year’s competition, shares Ms. Zirkind, “with the program, we have empowered more children than ever to showcase their knowledge of Yiddishkeit.” 

“The Shabbaton is an invaluable step in giving these children and their families a sense of knowledge and pride in their Yiddishkeit, cultivating a sense of belonging already at a young age,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302. 

For these children, the JewQ competition is a culmination of all the hard work they put in over a long period. Some students have spent over 100 hours learning Torah and preparing for this final competition. “The final event will be spectacular and uplifting,” shares Rabbi Zalmy Loewenthal, Director of CKids International at Merkos 302. “ We are honored that we were able to get these incredible three judges on board to ensure the event is five stars and the children receive the respect they deserve.”

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