CKids Championship Shabbaton Expecting Highest-Ever Attendance

On April 5-7, over 800 students and their parents are expected to join a weekend at the Armon Hotel in Connecticut filled with games, activities, and inspiration.

Daniel is a nine-year-old boy who has been attending Hebrew school for the past year. Several months ago, he was introduced to the new CKids JewQ curriculum. His teacher told him that if he scored a passing grade on three tests he would be eligible for an exciting trip to New York, and if he did even better he had a chance to compete with others who excelled. Starting with those in his area, and if he succeeded, those who excelled worldwide. 

Daniel got to work, listened during classes, and spent countless hours of his free time studying independently. He learned all about his rich Jewish heritage. About Avraham Avinu the father of his nation, about the mitzvah of Teffilin, about the iconic story of Pesach when we became a nation, and so much more. He came into Hebrew school with very limited Jewish knowledge but quickly picked up a firm foundation to build upon.

Many other children have been on the same path as Daniel. They have spent weeks devouring the JewQ curriculum, excited to showcase their knowledge of Judaism. These children, thanks to their hard work, have become familiar with the characters, narratives, and Mitzvos that make up their heritage. 

On April 5-7, they will be part of a Shabbaton that will celebrate these achievements. Over 800 students and their parents are expected to join a weekend at the Armon Hotel in Connecticut filled with games, activities, and inspiration. For the first time, these children will live their knowledge, by being immersed in a Torah environment for three days.

“We wanted to show these children how amazing their accomplishments are,” says Rabbi Zalmy Loewenthal, Director of CKids International, “It was important to create a celebration that properly reflects that, but also inspires them to do even more”. 

The weekend will begin with an exciting trip, run by counselors who hail from all over the world to make this program a success. From there the children will spend a shabbos together. For some, it will be the first time they will be fully immersed in the Shabbos experience. Child-friendly activities, stories, and games are planned to make it as memorable, inspiring, and fun as possible. 

The weekend will culminate with the JewQ live championship and awards ceremony. The top 120 students from all over the world will compete for the coveted JewQ crown. Each will have a chance to show the world the immense amount of Torah they have learned preparing for this big moment. The contest will also feature several performances headlined by beloved singer Joey Newcomb. 

As the culmination of several months of planning by the CKids team, the Shabbaton is ably assisted by many local businesses. Elite Catering will provide five-star dining throughout the weekend. Dovid Weinbaum of DW Productions will be on hand to ensure the busy weekend and robust logistical undertaking goes ahead as planned.

Among the attendees will be many of the contestant’s parents who come to chaperone the children, but will not be on the sidelines. Many of them do not always get a chance to learn and grow on their own Jewish journey, but this weekend they will. A all star lineup of scholars and speakers will be there for Shabbos, inspiring them, and giving them a wealth of knowledge to light a fire for their whole family. 

“When children are sincerely passionate about their Jewish heritage, its infectious, the entire family joins in as well,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302, “The CKids JewQ Shabbaton aims to create an environment that will give them the ability to grow and learn together as a family”. 

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