Jewish Public School Kids Enjoy Pesach Experience

While many were enjoying their Chol Hamoed getaways, a dedicated group of bochurim and girls made it their responsibility to bring the joy of Pesach to over 60 Jewish public school release-time children. 

By Rabbi Eliyahu Ezagui

This year’s spring break for public schools fell out on Pesach, making it a perfect opportunity to fulfill the Rebbe’s request to arrange special camps for the Jewish public school children.

The camp had 2 divisions, one for the boys and the other for the girls. The girl’s division featured an enthusiastic dedicated group of all-female counselors allowing for a far greater impact.

Upon entry, and continuing throughout the day, the children had a great time all while learning about Yiddishkeit and gaining passion and excitement for who they truly are.

This all starts the moment the campers arrive. While receiving they’re wholesome breakfast, they are taught the correct berachos to be made before and after. The Tefillah that then follows, is specially designed for these children. Filled with songs and cheers that express one’s love for Hashem and the Torah and mitzvos he gave us.

This was followed by special learning sessions and activities. Then the children boarded buses once more for their exciting daily trip. Here is when a lot of new and exciting songs and cheers are taught. 

By the end of the day, in addition to the blast the children had and the sheer amount of prizes they received, the children walked away with a day filled with Torah and mitzvahs and a boosted passion for Yiddishkait.

Special thanks go to: Rabbi Sholom Ber Hecht and the Sephardic Jewish Congregation of Queens. Rabbi Asher Vaknin and Rabbi Velovik of BJCC of Queens, for providing the locations for Camp. Rabbi Shneur and Mrs. Majeski, for spearheading and running the girl’s division. Mendel Spielman, Zelik Newman and Rabbi Eliyahu Ezagui for all the behind-the-scenes and on-site work involved in successfully running the camp. All the dedicated staff of both boys and girls divisions for their devotion, enthusiasm, and effort.

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