Jewish Online School’s Unique Take On Rosh Chodesh Assemblies

Why were bitmojis created? Perhaps they were created for holy reasons, such as Nigri Jewish Online School Rosh Chodesh assemblies, where they are featured along with exciting activities.

The only reason gold was created was to beautify the Beis Hamikdosh, according to the Medrash.

Why were bitmojis created?

Perhaps bitmojis were created for holy reasons, such as Nigri Jewish Online School Rosh Chodesh assemblies.
Every Rosh Chodesh, the older girls in the Nigri Jewish Online School were treated to a Rosh Chodesh assembly. They explored a different topic each month, such as stepping out of their comfort zone, a growth mindset and what true happiness is, allowing students to explore topics that are important for their social-emotional wellbeing, while learning it all from a Jewish perspective.

“I loved the Rosh Chodesh assembly every month,” wrote student Sarah Cohen. “It was so fun to be able to do amazing activities while learning and really be a part of creating the program!”

A unique aspect of these assemblies is that they are all student-led. Under the direction of Morah Aviana Dahan, the student committee plans, executes and leads each program. They learn important leadership skills while planning monthly events. The students even lead the activities, such as the healthy lip balm making or the get to know you games.

Between Pesach and Shavuos, students participated in a Sefirah challenge where in addition to counting the Sefirah each night, they were pushed to complete weekly tasks to better themselves. Through the help of a website created by Morah Aviana, students worked on improving their Middos and their character. Three students won a leather Tehillim as well.

“I am so impressed with these girls, they took time out of their own busy day to create extra curricular programs, it was their ideas coming to life,” said Morah Aviana Dahan.”Rosh Chodesh is a special time to gather as the women of the Jewish community. It was an opportunity to join outside of our individual classes and meet girls. The Achdus we created from gathering and learning together was so special.”

“Just as important as the regular learning that takes place in the classroom, we believe that the extra curricular is important as well,” said Mrs. Mushkie Lipsker, the curriculum and program director. “Students in different divisions had programs throughout the year for their age group, such as Shabbat parties, art teachers, baking opportunities and game shows! These Rosh Chodesh assemblies were such a treat for the older girls as they explored relevant topics to a teenager, and gained eye opening perspectives in a fun, social setting.”

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