‘Jewish Marriage Prep’ Launched on Rebbe’s Anniversary

A new resource from JLI in partnership with Mikvah.org helps shluchim cover everything a new couple needs to hear from their Rabbi and Rebbetzin.

In honor of the auspicious 14 Kislev, the anniversary of the Rebbe’s wedding, JLI is proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking resource, Jewish Marriage Prep, in partnership with Mikvah.org. 

It’s a JLI course for an audience of two—complete with a full teacher’s manual—that combines marriage counseling, practical halachos, a discussion of intimacy, and more, to present Jewish marriage as a holistic package where taharas hamishpacha goes hand in hand with the joyful work of creating a happy Jewish home. 

Shluchim and shluchos deliver the material in five private conversations with the new couple: two meetings with both choson and kallah, two meetings between shlucha and kallah, and one meeting between shliach and choson. This format ensures personalized guidance, addressing their unique perspectives and roles within their Jewish marriage.

JLI’s Rabbi Mordechai Dinerman, who oversaw the programs’ development, says Jewish Wedding Prep has been years in the making. “Preparing a new couple for their wedding is an incredible zechus,” he says, “but it’s also hard. ‘What should I say?’  ‘How should I say it?’ These are real challenges.” Jewish Marriage Prep solves this issue.

The course, developed in close collaboration with Rabbi Sholom Ber Chaikin of Mikvah.org, addresses the expectations and concerns of a Chabad house couple who have agreed to go to the mikvah before their wedding but are not committed to practicing taharas hamishpacha long-term. 

The curriculum includes detailed discussions of the Jewish significance of marriage, the meaning and details of the chuppah ceremony, and an introduction to taharas hamishpacha that leaves them open to more. 

Aiming to empower shluchim at a critical point in their relationship with their community members, Jewish Marriage Prep is an invaluable resource for every shliach and shlucha preparing to guide a new couple in their community to the chuppah.

Jewish Marriage Prep is now available for purchase at myjli.com/catalog/product/jewish-marriage-prep/

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