Jewish Father Struggling After Business Deals Go Bad

After going hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt due to soured business ventures, a Jewish family needs your assistance now!

After a series of business ventures soured, a local Jewish father found himself in tremendous debt. He started with credit card loans, optimistic about his new business, but it failed and he was forced to turn to family and friends for help after the banks turned him away. Then his second business failed — and he now owes hundreds of thousands of dollars as his wife and children struggle to survive. 

Concerned community members have thrown themselves into the task of helping this individual out of his difficult predicament in the long term, so that he can find stability and financial security and make whole those to whom he is in debt.

But helping him get back on his feet will take months, perhaps years, and while that long-term plan is being put in place, his family needs help as they cannot afford the most basic necessities.

Expenses are piling up, and there is simply no money for his small children to live on until he can get back on his feet and start providing for them again. 

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Righteous Helping Board 

 Rabbi Shlomo Segel 

 Rabbi Mendel Feller 

 Zalmen Hertz

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