Jewish Chaplains Gather for a Weekend of Inspiration

Chaplains of the United States Chaplain Corps (USCC) gathered over the weekend at the Fort Bragg Army Base to discuss missions, recruitment, training, and planning while enjoying the comradery and special entertainment.

Chaplains of the United States Chaplain Corps (USCC) gathered over the weekend to discuss missions, recruitment, training, and planning while enjoying the comradery and special entertainment. The event was hosted by the Fort  Bragg Army Base and was chaired by Fort Bragg Chaplain Captain Dovid Egert

The USCC’s mission is to recruit and train new chaplains who will be sent on missions to communities throughout the US.  

The USCC Director-General, Chaplain Mendy Coën, runs a tight ground force of over 500 chaplains who offer support in all US states and territories. They receive specialized training for duties in hospitals, police and fire departments, senior homes, and youth centers – to name only a few of the 10 different divisions, which can be found on their website. 

The message of the event was poignant. “We need to mobilize and recruit and train the  best chaplains to fulfill the huge influx of requests we receive on a daily basis from all over the US,” said Coën at his keynote address Saturday night, referring to the need for relief and support that chaplains provide.  

“In a time of difficult living and social anxiety, the world and communities need chaplains to be around them. We will reach out to all communities and individuals to bring them strength, hope, and support,” said Coën.  

The USCC and its board of chaplains, director, and officers – together with their families – spent a splendid weekend meeting and discussing the missions performed by special  unit chaplains, and planning its strategic development for 2022.  

When asked what chaplains do, Chaplain Coen offered a clear definition: “Our chaplains are trained to diffuse pain and ease tension by means of language, psychology, and  emotional support.” 

Participants and their families enjoyed a private tour of the Fort Bragg Army Base, visiting different divisions of the Army and the Army museum.  

On Friday night guests enjoyed a Jewish religious service for the Shabbat and a lavish meal hosted at the Waters Family Life Centers, during which Colonel Scott Pence and Garrison Commander, addressed the crowd and briefed them of new developments  happening at Fort Bragg. 

Throughout the weekend, specials guests were present to deliver addresses and host  workshops for the attendees. Among them were retired Chaplain (COL) Jacob Goldstein; Chaplain Rabbi Israel Majeski; noted West Point author and graduate Sara Potecha; COL Julie Rowan; Rabbi Ezra Max; EOD Battalion Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Smith; Chaplain Martin Langesfeld; Rabbi Chaplain Jacob Elefant; and US Chaplain Recruiter (CPT) Danny Black of South East region – who was in attendance to assist with all Army  questions. 

The weekend culminated with a concert by singer Mendy J. and a double-blind raffle for a trip for two to Israel, won by Chaplain Rabbi Majeski and his wife. 

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