JEM Prepares Early Release of New Film ‘Armed’

Due to the ongoing conflict in Eretz Yisroel, JEM will release a segment of their new film ‘Armed’ on Motzei Shabbos, a riveting documentary on the Rebbe’s historic Tefillin campaign during the Six-Day War.

As they have so many times in our history, Jews around the world rally around their brothers and sisters in Israel, offering moral support. But they want to know, how can they really help? The JEM team has quickly prepared an early release segment of the full-length film Armed, an engaging documentary on the Rebbe’s historic Tefillin campaign during the Six Day War. Never has the call to action in Armed been so relevant or so necessary.

The Tefillin campaign was initiated by the Rebbe on the eve of the Six Day War of 1967, when Israel was deep in crisis. Surrounded by Arab armies threatening their annihilation, G-d forbid, the Jews felt hopeless and abandoned. In this sea of despair, the Rebbe stood up as a voice of calm, radiating faith and confidence. His voice resonated across the ocean onto Israeli radio and the front pages of newspapers, assuring Israel’s victory, in the merit of the commandment of tefillin.

A riveting and unprecedented cinematic experience, ‘Armed’ tells the fascinating story of the launch of the international tefillin campaign. Featuring newly discovered and restored film of the immediate aftermath, interviews with those on the front lines during the fateful early days of the project, and scenes of Jerusalem in the days after its liberation are presented for the first time. 

This film is a must-watch for every single person who is concerned about the current state of affairs in Israel. Every viewer will be emboldened and empowered to actually help.

The Armed film will be premiering after Shabbos on, YouTube and other JEM social media platforms free for the public to enjoy and share.


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