JEM Launches Purim ‘Event Pages’

JEM launched new “event pages” for 8 years of Purim by the Rebbe, with all recorded media content related to this joyous holiday easily accessible in one place.

When one hears the words “Purim in 770,” they are transported to memories of vibrant Farbrengens, insightful discussions on the Megillah, jubilant singing and festivities, and the experience of praying and reading the Megillah in the presence of the Rebbe. Now, with the launch of new “event pages” from JEM, all recorded media content related to this joyous holiday is easily accessible in one place.

Take a deep dive into a video of a Farbrengen, complete with subtitles in multiple languages and complemented by video from additional angles. Immerse yourself in audio that has been meticulously restored to crystal-clear quality from multiple archival sources. Revisit those unforgettable moments with hundreds of photos, including several collections that have been uncovered and published for the first time in recent days.

Explore the collection of Purim event pages below.









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