JEM Introduces ‘Every Single One,’ an Immersive Media Experience

Dedicated in loving memory of Hatamim Shmuel Karnowsky, JEM’s newly released multi-media presentation brings one of the Rebbe’s earliest writings to life.

For 25 years, people have been watching videos of the Rebbe. Since its inception, the team at JEM has dedicated itself to mining the countless video archives and producing new content. As social media evolves, they are continually seeking new ways to reach their diverse, growing audience.

“When your goal is to share the Rebbe with the masses, and you’re dealing with technology, you can never stop innovating,” Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin, director of JEM told “The Rebbe’s messages are timeless. The world, however, and the ways people interact with technology, constantly change.”

Just in time for Gimmel Tammuz, JEM has released “Every Single One,” where carefully curated pictures, expertly edited videos, and beautifully crafted writing come together with perfect synergy to give viewers a fully immersive experience.

The photos and videos in this ‘mixed media presentation’ bring out the message of a reshima from Chof Hey Tishrei, 5691 (1930). In it, the Rebbe elaborates on the mishna, “Of all the things that Hashem created in this world, He did not create a single thing without a purpose.”

Every person, every situation, and every moment has a unique mission; each was created with the expectation that its purpose would be utilized.

The beautifully constructed web page leads viewers through a series of videos of the Rebbe speaking on this topic, interspersed with pictures and phrases that drive the messages home. Included in the presentation are videos of people describing encounters during which the Rebbe emphasized these ideas to them, personally.

A unique feature of this project, one of 25 initiatives JEM is introducing ahead of Gimmel Tammuz, is that it puts viewers in control. If one particular slide grabs their attention, they can click on and watch that video. People can choose to spend a few minutes at a time looking through the content, or they can allow themselves to become fully immersed in the experience from beginning to end.

Hundreds, perhaps even thousands of hours went into this project. The creative process, studying the content, searching through hundreds of thousands of video clips and pictures to choose and edit the perfect ones, writing and rewriting the subtitles- each step took considerable time and effort.

In addition to editing for optimal viewing, video programmer Rabbi Levi Sudak worked endlessly to create the natural feel of the vertically taken videos that many have become so used to.

‘Every Single One’ was put together by a talented and dedicated team, led by producer Rabbi Yisroel Slonim, project manager Rabbi Yaakov Rozenblat, video producer Rabbi Eli Sapochinsky and creative director Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin.

“The most powerful experiences occur when different mediums intersect, whether it’s internet technology and archival preservation, or music and film-making,” said Rabbi Shmotkin. “‘Every Single One’ may have broken our record, with writing, graphic design, intensive research, video compression ratios, and many other sub-specialties utilized for its creation.”

To experience the impact of ‘Every Single One,’ click here.

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