JEM Announces 25 Projects for 25 Years

With the 25th anniversary of Gimel Tamuz approaching, JEM is preparing to launch 25 new initiatives.

From producing new videos and books to expanding already existing activities, each of these projects is designed to help bring the Rebbe to people in ways that will resonate with them.

The Rebbe said of the Frierdiker Rebbe, “When we live with the Rebbe’s teachings, go in his ways, and fulfill his directives and his mission – we bring to fruition the Talmud’s statement, ‘Just as his children are alive, so too is he alive.’ The Rebbe grows even more alive and more active amongst us and within us – and through us, he is brought to every Jew.” 

With these projects, JEM has committed to use every tool at their disposal to bring these words to life.

Dedication opportunities are available. To learn more about sponsoring one of these projects, email [email protected].

  1. “Hidden Treasure”
    Special video production for Gimmel Tammuz
  2. “JEM Presents: The Rebbe on Antisemitism”
  3. One by One; Stories of the Rebbe
    New Book
  4. My Story, Hebrew
    New Book
  5. Farbrengen Rosh Chodesh Elul, 5742
    Newly restored and translated
  6. CKids Gimmel Tammuz Program
    In partnership with CKids
  7. Connection Point International Lag B’omer Event
    In partnership with Tzivos Hashem and 37 schools across the world
  8. Connection Point Camps Event
    In partnership with Tzivos Hashem and summer camps
  9. “Hanacha”
    New project in partnership with Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim
  10. Our Rebbe. Our mission. Our Connection.
    New curriculum in partnership with Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskashrus
  11. Every Single One
    New immersive web presentation
  12. New Whatsapp Series
  13. New Instagram Series
  14. Pilot: Long form Interviews
    A My Encounter with the Rebbe project
  15. Pilot: My Encounter Podcast
    A My Encounter with the Rebbe project
  16. Pilot: My Encounter for Children
    A My Encounter with the Rebbe project
  17. Dedication Wall
    In partnership with Chabad of Livingston. New service
  18. 25 favorite videos
    New initiative
  19. Post over 100,000+ newly-processed moments from Sunday dollars
    New access project
  20. Post 25,000 photos, some newly-discovered, online
    New access project
  21. Publish batch of newly-restored Farbrengen audio
    New access project
  22. Ashreinu Content Summaries
    New access project
  23. Projects 23-25 to be announced!

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