It’s Like We’ve Been Given The Same Message 3 Times in 3 Months

From the inbox: “What happened in Miami is so scary, so unbelievable, so shocking specially since it feels like the SAME message has been repeated to us 3 times in the past 3 months. It feels like Hashem is talking to us really loudly, and we NEED to hear it, and we need to DO something!”

By Rivky Wilansky

I’m sure lots of us have these same thoughts or similar thoughts, so I just want to think out loud here…

What happened in Miami is so scary, so unbelievable, so shocking!
Especially since it feels like the SAME message has been repeated to us 3 times in the past 3 months!

We were literally crushed in Meiron, we were literally crushed in Givat Zeev, and we were literally crushed again in Surfside… one after the other!

It’s impossible not to see it! And it’s impossible to attribute it to “natural” accidents chv!

And that’s in addition to all the crazy changes in the world that we’ve been experiencing with covid over the last 16 months!

It feels like Hashem is talking to us really loudly, and we NEED to hear it, and we need to DO something!
We CANNOT just continue on normally as if nothing happened –

Because the Rambam writes that “if a community does not respond to troubles by blowing trumpets, prayer and repentance, and instead attributes their suffering to “the ways of the world,” this is a “derech achzariyus,” a path of cruelty.”

Because the sooner we recognize the message and the purpose behind it, the sooner we put an END to it!!!

Especially since the crushing here was not by our enemies, and not through any messenger, but by Hashem Himself, and in such a strange and unexplainable way…

The whole Thursday night and Friday, I was so baffled…
‘What is going on with this falling and crushing? What does it mean? Is everything ok up there? Is something messed up with The Plan?’

Thank Gd that we still have a way to communicate with the prophet of our generation!! So I wrote to the Rebbe before Shabbos asking, what is the message here? What are we meant to do?

And the letter that I opened up to was so comforting and reassuring!

The Rebbe wrote that “… in my opinion, the change in the world is that we are getting closer to Moshiach’s coming! And so what we need to do is to get even more busy with Torah and mitzvos in general, and with spreading Chassidus and its ways and customs in particular. And with all other matters, we need to go ahead as usual… “And the guardian of Israel does not sleep nor slumber, and He is watching over His people’ with individual Divine Providence, and protecting them in every place in which they find themselves. And soon He will redeem them from the golus with the true and complete Geulah through our righteous Moshiach.”

It was just what I needed to hear!
Of course, on the one hand, this letter said nothing “new”. The Rebbe has repeated this message to us over and over and over, countless times!!

But on the other hand, it’s been almost 30 years since He spoke these words to us! Even though we are not allowed to have doubts, I still felt I needed to hear Him say it again, NOW, today! To reaffirm that NO, nothing has changed! We are still on course! Every word that He told us STILL stands true! And we are closer to Moshiach than ever before!

The other letter on the page was speaking about emphasizing love for every Jew (regardless of their actions or affiliations etc), as taught in chapter 32 of Tanya –
which is definitely a KEY message to us here too!

And the third letter was about the importance of action and of spreading Chassidus now, because we have merited that there is NO opposition to it anymore, and so every missed opportunity to share the message is really a shame! And that even those who say they are against it, or even show they are against it in deeds – it is only because of a shocking lack of knowledge, and when we explain it to them simply and in a pleasant way, the opposition will be nullified –
Another KEY timely message about the urgency of spreading the Rebbe’s teachings, with the assurance that the world IS ready to hear it…

These letters were so strengthening, but I was still left wondering, why specifically this CRUSHING?!?!

And then suddenly last night, it hit me- there is only one crushing that I know of in Torah – “Kasis La’maor” – crushed to illuminate!
This is the theme of the Rebbe’s most recent maamer of “V’ata Tetzava”!
The crushing of the olives in the Beis HaMikdash which is in order to ILLUMINATE – to reveal the essence of the Jew!

This is the last maamer that the Rebbe handed out to us, telling us that we need to feel CRUSHED by the Galus!

But NOT because it’s physically painful,
Not because there are external pressures,
Not because other nations are stopping us,
Not because we have problems with health or wealth or relationships or children or success…

But because our Neshama, the part of Hashem within us, must feel terribly crushed and pained by the great concealment of Hashem during Galus!

Our Neshama cannot handle all of the lies!
Our Neshama cannot rest or feel peace until the Truth is no longer hidden from even one tiny corner of this planet, from even one single human being on this earth!!

While previous generations were crushed from the OUTSIDE, our generation was not meant to be!
Our test was to feel crushed from the INSIDE, – even while we enjoy all the material and spiritual comforts in exile! We needed to feel completely crushed even during the BEST of times, even during our most golden years and days and moments!

But it seems we were still a bit too comfortable…

And Hashem chose to squeeze us – in order to wake us up from this bitter dream of Golus!

Covid has already crushed us in such a crazy, mind-boggling way! But somehow it seems that we STILL didn’t connect the dots enough… and that Hashem has chosen to make the crushing of the olives even more obvious…

But NOT to cause us pain chas v’shalom!
NOT to make us suffer chv!

But the exact opposite!

It’s ONLY purpose is to get to the oil!

Hashem just so desperately wants us to reveal our essence – our spark of Moshiach within –
So that HE can finally reveal HIS essence,
So that He can finally send us Moshiach,
So that He can finally gather us in to the Land of Israel,
So that He can finally give us the greatest gift of the 3rd Beis hamikdash – which He has been longing to give us for SO many years already!!

Because the Geulah just CANNOT be put on hold any longer! We were promised from Day 1 that “our generation is the final generation of Galus, and the first generation of Geulah”… and TIME IS UP!
70 years have passed!
It NEEDS to happen!
And it needs to happen NOW!
And it needs to happen through US!

But Hashem, we got the message!!

It’s enough now!!! Really!!
We are crushed to the core!
Our yechida is exposed!
We are READY for you to reveal Yourself NOW – in this moment!!
We are crying out Ad Mosai from the depths of our souls!!!
Not because we were told to, not because we have to.. but because we feel it!! We need it! We want it!

The ball is back in YOUR court now!

When we saw the Rebbe refer to this year as the year of “Pelaos Arenu” – a year of open wonders, these are NOT the types of wonders which we have anticipated! We need and want You to show us a completely different show of wonders, of open and revealed good! Of the true and complete Geulah!


Yesterday we read about Bilaam’s Nevuah of Melech HaMoshiach – how amazing it will be when King Moshiach takes over the world, and influences and transforms EVERYONE – every Jew, and lehavdil, every non Jew as well!! So as the Rebbe told us in 1991, even if there was no exile, even if there was no destruction of the previous Holy Temples, we would STILL desperately want Moshiach with all of our being – because of how incomparably awesome and amazing the world will be in that time!!!

So Hashem,
We are ready!
We are ready to receive You with open arms!!!
We are ready for You to fulfill Your prophecy of Geulah!
We are ready for this 17th of Tammuz to be transformed into the happiest Yom Tov ever!
We are ready to feast on the Seudas Moshiach, literally NOW!!!

have compassion on us,
Fulfill Your promise,
Fulfill Your ultimate dream,
Take us HOME!!!

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