It’s a Snow Day, Time to Make it Rain!

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The snow is beautiful, pristine white and pure.

But, let’s be honest, it’s also freezing, slippery, and extremely inconvenient.

Does today’s snow day have you dreaming of a vacation in Paradise?

Well, this snow day, it’s time to make it rain! is hosting an auction filled with breathtaking prizes.

With an $1,000 credit to Uber, you wouldn’t have to worry about knee deep snow or slipping on some ice.

With a brand new lace top wig, you won’t have to worry about getting your current Sheitel ruined in the snow and rain.

Other featured prizes include:

$10,000 cash

5 Star Dubai and Maldives vacations

6 months of free cleaning help

A three year car lease

And much more!

What’s more? Join today and, using code SNOW at checkout, get 10% off of your entire cart!

Win a vacation to the Maldives, top of the line electronics, $10,000 cash, a three year car lease and much more!

Buy your tickets today to take advantage of the amazing deal!

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