It Takes 3 Minutes To Read This Article

It Takes 3 Minutes To Read This Article. That’s Longer Than Hatzalah’s Average Response Time. That is mind-boggling. And heartwarming.

What do all of these everyday things have in common?

  • Brushing your teeth.
  • Getting dressed.
  • Saying Brochos.
  • Walking to Shul.
  • Toasting a bagel.
  • Eating it.
  • Frying an egg.
  • Eating it.
  • Brewing coffee (unless it’s instant).
  • Drinking it.
  • Learning Chitas.
  • Checking your email.
  • Some (annoying) voicenotes.
  • Making a donation to Hatzalah here.
  • Double parking for alternate side.
  • Putting laundry into the washing machine.
  • Folding it.
  • Giving your baby a bath.
  • Paying a bill.
  • Ordering pizza.
  • Ordering anything.
  • Waiting (and waiting) for it to be delivered.
  • Counting the Omer.
  • Making another donation to Hatzalah here.
  • Reading this article.
  • Reading a bedtime story.
  • Krias Shema.
  • Falling asleep.

All of these take 3 minutes or longer. On average, Hatzalah responds to a call in under 3 minutes. That is mind-boggling. And heartwarming.

Ask not: Will I give to Hatzalah? Ask: How much will I give? Ask: How often will I give? Ask: Whom can I get to give? Ask: Is taking 3 minutes of my time to give to Hatzalah worth it?

Thank you for taking 3 minutes of your precious time to support our precious under-3-minute response time.

In keeping in line with the Rabbonim's policies for websites, we do not allow comments. However, our Rabbonim have approved of including input on articles of substance (Torah, history, memories etc.)

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