Israel’s President Pays Tribute to the Rebbe

President Ruvi Rivlin of Israel recorded a special tribute to the Rebbe ahead of Gimmel Tammuz, for the annual virtual event gathering hundreds of Jews from the Pacific Northwest to learn from the Rebbe’s life and teachings.

Hundreds of Jews from the Pacific Northwest gathered virtually online for the fourth annual mega unity event entitled “One People, One Heart – An Evening of Unity & Inspiration Commemorating the Teachings & Impact of the Lubavitcher Rebbe”

This years event was hosted by the Chabad centers of the states of Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho & British Columbia & included participants from those states.

The event was created & directed by Rabbi Shmuly Levitin, Chabad of Downtown Seattle & CYP Seattle.

Remarks were given by Rabbi Sholom Ber Levitin, Head Shliach of WA State & event Underwriter Steven Baral.

President of Israel Rueven Rivlin gave warm remarks about Gimmel Tamuz and the Rebbe.

The messages were then followed by a program entitled “Light Points” three powerful JEM videos featuring the Rebbe’s unique & inspiring perspective on three fundamental Jewish concepts. The idea of Bitochen trust in HaShem, the power and importance of a Jew being Shomer Shabbos & the Rebbe’s distinct view on people living with disabilities.The program was introduced by various Shluchim from the Pacific Northwest, namely:

Mrs. Sarah Rivkin – Chabad of Kirkland WA, Rabbi Shmuly Hecht – Chabad of Kelowna BC, Rabbi Nissan Kornfeld – Chabad of Mercer Island WA, Rabbi Shnai Levitin – Chabad of Queen Anne Seattle, Mrs. Shimona Davidoff – Chabad of Shoreline WA, Rabbi Mendy Greenberg – Chabad of Alaska, Rabbi Mendel Lifshitz – Chabad of Idaho, Mrs. Chaya Kesselman – Chabad of Tacoma WA.

Helping with the setup and logistics of the program were: Rabbi Nissan Kornfeld, Rabbi Yosef Dovid Shtrucks, Rabbi Mendel Weingarten and Rabbi Yechezkel Rappaport.

Rabbi Simon Jacobson gave a moving & captivating Keynote address. Built on five foundational pillars within the life & teachings of the Rebbe. With the acronym MI POD standing for – Mission, Initiative, Persistence, Opportunity & Destination.

Participants were greatly inspired & energized by the event.

“I wanted to let you know that I joined last night’s One People, One Heart event, and I found it so inspiring! It was truly a great event” Kayla

“I liked the event– hearing the story about the Rebbe staying in the sukkah in the pouring rain” Jason

“I really liked the part where the Rebbe said that if there is a conflict between keeping Shabbat and your job, always choose to observe Shabbat, and Parnasah will be taken care of.” Aryeh

“It was very interesting. Very cool to hear inspirational stories”

“Thank you, Rabbi, I greatly enjoyed the event”


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