Israeli President Introduces Zambia Shliach and President

The president of Zambia and the country’s sole shliach met up during a state dinner hosted by Israeli President Isaac Herzog. The shliach had an invitation for the presidents.  

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Zambian President Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and the country’s sole shliach Rabbi Mendy Hertzel met up…in Eretz Yisroel.

The president of Zambia, who is currently in Israel on a state visit, met Rabbi Hertzel during a state dinner hosted by Israeli President Isaac Herzog.

Earlier on his trip, President Hichilema visited the Kosel, along with his wife, First Lady Mutinta Hichilema, and a delegation of ministers from Zambia

They were received by the rabbi of the Western Wall and the holy sites, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, who explained the significance of the holy site for the Jewish people and its significance throughout generations. During the visit, the President and the delegation sang the national anthem of Zambia near the Western Wall, expressing their sense of holiness at the site.

“We are grateful to be here, to visit this holy place. We are well received by the people, by the government of Israel, and the Rabbi himself,” the President said after his prayer. “We are very grateful and really privileged to be in this historic place. The heritage of this place is incredible. One feels renewed and indeed, rejuvenated. We seek the success of Israel and Zambia.”

Later that day, he was hosted by the Israeli president, who also invited the shliach to the state dinner. Rabbi Hertzel was recently appointed as the first shliach to the country by Rabbi Shlomo Bentolila, head shliach to Central Africa, who has been dedicated for the last three decades to bringing the Rebbe’s light to Central Africa.

Toward the end of the event, Herzog introduced Rabbi Hertzel to President Hichilema, and told the Zambian President about the network of Chabad shluchim across the globe, saying that Chabad does wonderful work in thousands of locations the world over.

Rabbi Hertzel presented the two presidents with an invitation to an upcoming Hachnosas Sefer Torah which will take place in Zambia in the coming weeks. President Herzog explained to his counterpart the significance of a Sefer Torah, and the great celebration when one is completed.

“President Hichilema was very excited to hear about the Jews of his country, and especially about the upcoming Siyum Sefer Torah,” Rabbi Hertzel told “He sounded interested in joining the celebration, and we hope that he will indeed be able to honor the celebration with his presence.”

Rabbi Hertzel thanked Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky for helping to coordinate the meeting.

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