Israeli City Honors the Rebbe with Symbolic Key

Continuing in the tradition of cities from across the world, the Gedera Local Council honored the Rebbe by sending a symbolic key of the local council to the Rebbe’s library with shliach Rabbi Chanoch Gechtman.

By reporter

The Gedera Local Council in Eretz Yisroel joined tens of cities across the globe by honoring the Rebbe with a symbolic key to the city.

Throughout the decades of the Rebbe’s leadership, many cities, states and provinces from around the world presented the Rebbe with a symbolic key, many times sending the key with the local shliach. Often, the presentation would be near a special milestone such as the Rebbe’s birthday on Yud Alef Nissan, Yud Shevat, and other special days.

Continuing in that tradition, the Gedera Local Council voted to honor the Rebbe on the occasion of Yud Shevat this year with a symbolic key.

The key was sent with the local shliach, Rabbi Chanoch Gechtman, who traveled to New York for Yud Shevat. Rabbi Gechtman presented the key to Rabbi Shalom Ber Levin, chief librarian of the Rebbe’s library, where the key will be kept along with the tens of other keys presented to the Rebbe.

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