Israeli Border Patrol Officials Are Awed By 770 Visit

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A group of Israeli Border Patrol guards took a tour of 770 and were amazed and inspired by what they saw and experienced there.

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Commanders from the Israeli Border Guard, led by Commissioner Yitzchak Barik, arrived on Monday for an official tour of 770 Eastern Parkway, as part of their visit to the United States to meet with top security officials in New York.

The tour was organized and led by Rabbi Mendy Chabib, who is on shlichus in Moshav Zecharya, in Israel. He organized the tour for Commissioner Barik who is a resident in his moshav. He coordinated the visit with the New York Police Department in conjunction with Rabbi Mendy Carlebach and Rabbi Shneor Greenwald.

The tour began with a deep dive into the history and significance of 770, how the building was purchased by the Frierdiker Rebbe and then explained how it is serving as a vibrant center for Chabad activities worldwide. It was emphasized that 770 stands as a cornerstone for all Chabad activities and is a haven for Chasidim around the globe.

Following this introduction, the visitors entered the cheder shidurim, the broadcast room, and had a presentation by Rabbi Mendel Eisenbach. They then saw a specially prepared video, featuring a compilation of the Rebbe’s interactions with law enforcement personnel over the years.

The visitors were particularly impressed by the fact that presidents and heads of government had come to 770 to meet with the Rebbe. It highlighted the fact that the Rebbe never left 770 to meet dignitaries, and yet many honorable and powerful leaders who wanted to meet the Rebbe chose to come speak to him.

Continuing their tour, they entered the main zal and were awe-struck by the energy and chayus felt in the room, especially observing the hundreds of individuals and chavrusos engrossed in learning Torah. The loud discussions and simultaneous single-minded focus found there, was a sight to behold.

The memorable visit concluded with a group photo next to the Aron Kodesh and the sounding of a shofar in honor of Chodesh Elul.

Following the afternoon Mincha at 770 the delegation left, ready to continue to the next stop on their itinerary of their trip, deeply moved by what they had seen and experienced in the Rebbe’s shul.

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