What Do These Lubavitch Camps Have In Common?

What do Camp Lechatchila Ariber, Gan Yisroel Montreal, and Camp Emuna have in common, besides being Chabad overnight camps?

What do Camp Lechatchila Ariber, Gan Yisroel Montreal, and Camp Emuna have in common, besides being Chabad overnight camps? In fact, what are many other camps (see full list below) doing the same this year?

It’s the Connection Point Camp Program, and more specifically, the special Gimmel Tammuz edition, airing this coming week in Chabad camps across the country. 

Boys and girls of participating camps will participate in a 20-minute program, exploring a topic that couldn’t be more relevant: the Rebbe’s special love and connection with children.

The theme for this program is centered around a letter of the Rebbe written on 1 Shevat, 5711, right before the first Yom Hilulah of the Frierdiker Rebbe. In it, the Rebbe imparts the importance of speaking to the youth about the Rebbe’s love for them, the Rebbe’s belief in them, and the Rebbe’s empowerment of their capabilities.

And that’s the basis of Connection Point’s special Gimmel Tammuz program. In this mini-farbrengen, narrated by children, campers will see the Rebbe’s love right before their eyes. With the same Connection Point quality and interactiveness that children have come to love, they’ll experience special moments, learn a sicha directly from the Rebbe, and hear fascinating stories from Rabbi Shmuel Chaim Scharf.

Is your camp signed up yet?

Early viewers of the Gimmel Tammuz edition have enthused that this program will literally give thousands of campers the gift of connection. And why not make it happen all summer? Connection Point Camp Program will be running an additional 3 programs throughout the summer. The costs are $300 for all four programs, and $75 for just the Gimmel Tammuz edition.

Sign your camp up today, and give your campers the priceless gift of connection.

Participating camps (partial list):
Cheder Lubavitch Chicago
Camp Gan Israel – Detroit
Camp Gan Israel – Florida
Camp Chayolei Hamelech
Camp Gan Israel – Montreal
Camp Gan Israel – Parksville
Camp Chomeish
Camp Emunah
Camp Lechatchila Ariber
CGI Toronto

This program was made possible by Yossi and Nechama Dina Katz, and the members of the JEM Foundation.

The JEM Foundation invites you to join an unforgettable event on Tuesday evening, Motzaei Gimmel Tamuz: Brighter Than Ever. Donate to the JEM Foundation and join the experience here!

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