Is There Nothing to be Done!?

From the inbox: The Jewish nation is in pain. A horrific tragedy beyond comprehension. But is there any strategy that can give us a victory?

By Eli Rosenberg

Is There Nothing to be Done!?

The entire Jewish nation is reeling from shock and horror. Such cruelty, trauma and degradation has not been felt by our nation since the Holocaust. The grief and pain is palpable everywhere you turn.

Yet there’s a strong undercurrent of faith and hope that’s been reawakened even in the most disconnected Jew. The souls of our people have been reignited in a way that we have never experienced before. The graphic imagery emerging in many ways is more intense and vivid than footage from the holocaust. The collective Jewish soul is as vulnerable as it has ever been in recent history. Every Jew, religious and secular alike are grappling, flailing, trying desperately to grasp onto a strand of hope and salvation.

In our Lubavitch lingo the pintele yid has been revealed in a way like never before in history.


So what now?….

What now? What do you mean! We are going to give the enemies the blow of their lifetime! As Netanyahu said “Hamas made a historic mistake”, we are about to settle the score like never before. Our enemies will never again consider laying a finger on us again!!

But are we now?

What do you mean? Do we have another option?

A sense of reality begins to sink in. There’s nothing we can do!!!!

It’s no secret that eliminating Hamas would require fully occupying Gaza. Fully occupying Gaza would require a mighty military operation that Israel has never been courageous enough in the past. Why?! Because Hamas cynically hides behind women and children, Schools and hospitals. Eliminating Hamas means tens of thousands of “civilians” in Gaza will be killed.

Do I believe we should do it? Absolutely! הבא להרגך השכם להרגו if they put civilians in the way, that is their responsibility not ours. Will Israel do it? You know the answer as good as I do.

So what’s going to be done?!

The hard and painful truth that nobody wants to say NOTHING!

But the whole country was drafted! The ground troops are going in!!

Yes, that’s true. You can expect some type of military operation which will get rid of some Hamas assets. Put Jewish lives in danger for no specific goal and then probably hear the words “mission accomplished.” Meanwhile we know that it’s all the same rinse and repeat.

So what do we do with all this anger, grief and emotion that’s pent up in the Jewish people. How are we going to stop this madness once and for all?!

The answer: Yes according to nature we are stuck, but a yid lives above nature. Within that paradigm and outlook a victory is not only possible but guaranteed!

So what is the military going to do?!

You my fellow Jew are now the main soldier active on the battlefield!

Dont let this moment go in vain! Jews are crying out for a message!

Don’t be a coward in the face of this evil! Telll them clearly and openly ישראל עושין תשובה ומיד הן נגאלין!

Do it with sechel. Do it positively. BUT DO IT ONCE AND FOR ALL! The neshamos of yidden are open now. Pile it on.

Shluchim! its time to march into peoples home and let them know the Jewish people need them to Kosher their kitchen, the safety of Eretz Yisroel needs them to commit to putting on tefillin daily! Their child’s Jewish education at such a time is a high priority for us all.

The Rebbe’s message is clear as day. The spiritual war will win the physical war. The rules of nature are not necessarily looking the most favorable right now but as Chassidim we have a powerful Rebbe backing us, we have the ten mivtziom as weapons at our disposal

Yidden, let’s not squander this opportunity! Take your family first lift them up with torah, tefilla and tzedakah then go out to the world and let them know what we need to do to overcome this darkness.

Let’s get ready for Geulah Now!

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