Is Signal the Answer?

OpEd by Mushka Teleshevsky: We are hearing a lot about a “Signal”, an alternative to the the traps and ruses we have gotten used to. But is that really a good solution to the problem?

By Mushka Teleshevsky

We’re coming from Parsha Shemos. The portion that introduces our enslavement. The archetype for all enslavement-limitations we as Jews will ever experience. As we reread the story each year there is one aspect that amazes me time and again. It’s shevet Levi they managed to remain free even in Egypt they remained above limitations they remained true to their essence. They were servants of G-d. How?

They didn’t bite the bait. The story began with a call, a call to volunteer, to volunteer for what seemed to be a neutral calling to come together for the betterment of Egypt’s development. Even Pharoh joined the cause. ‘We were all in it together’ As soon as we were all comfortable in the limitations Pharoh showed his true colors.

We were completely enslaved to His power in all channels of life. In order to be freed, we’d need to first recognize our enslavement. That’s the first step to freedom. Then cry out for help.

See all enslavement, limitations, and hindrances to our freedom begin in the same form. It’s a subtle trap. It may seem altruistic or at the very least a neutral form of opportunity. Before we can recognize what has happened it has sabotaged our psyche, our freedom to be and shine our essential light.

Today as we stand in the incredible moments of opportunity. As Hashem is preparing us for the complete and ultimate redemption. Hashem in His ultimate kindness is exposing the falsehood for what it is. Limitations, enslavement, lies however you chose to label it.

Be grateful for this awareness. The answer doesn’t lie in enlisting to a new one. The answer lies in realigning to our true freedom.

The freedom to chose to serve Hashem fully with gladness of heart to welcome this new era of ומלאה הארץ דעת ה׳ כמים לים מכסים. When the whole world will be filled with the awareness of the only truth Hashem. Join shevet Levi and begin to live the life of Moshiach. Yes, it is a signal. A signal from above.

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