Irgun Limud Hatanya Brings the Alter Rebbe to Boro Park

Irgun Limud HaTanya has dedicated itself to spreading Tanya and Chassidus to Chassidishe Yidden in Boro Park. The program offers a curriculum, chavrusa, and even a phone hotline, where they can call in with any and all Tanya- questions

“Boro Park ir haKoydesh,” as it is often humorously called, is the urban shtetl whose streets are saturated with Yiddishkeit and Torah mosdos. You can’t traverse a block without encountering a shteibl, and all around are frumme (or frimme, as the locals would say) Yidden.

It is specifically in this locale, burgeoning with Yiddishe life, that Irgun Limud HaTanya laid roots and began their mission; to provide the teachings of Tanya and Chassidus to Chassidishe Yidden.

This mosad toils to inspire many who are already fully shomer Torah and Mitzvos; to enhance and illuminate their Yiddishkeit and connection with Hashem. Indeed, this mission is the very aim of the Alter Rebbe’s Tanya.

Rabbi Yoel Naparstek, devoted director of Irgun Limud HaTanya, shares some insight into the life-changing impact which they continue to make: “At one of our recent Tanya tests, Two of our bochurim students arrived that day accompanied by their father, who eagerly sought out a director to speak with. With much-animated emotion, he explained how his older son had been the first to attend our program. Upon seeing his brother’s enthusiasm, his younger son followed suit, and joined as well! The father, who had come specially to offer his gratitude, thanked us profusely. He cited that these studies have made a perceivable and wondrous impact on his children! So much so, that he, too, has since begun to study Tanya frequently!”

This past year, once again, Irgun Limud HaTanya succeeded in bringing the vivifying teachings of Chassidus to an ever-growing number of non-Lubavitcher Chassidim from countless other Kehillos. This mosad’s continues to grant bochurim and yungerleit an organized framework for learning (and imbibing!) Chassidus. Students are provided with a curriculum, chavrusa, and even a phone hotline, where they can call in with any and all ‘Tanya- questions!’

Subsequently, students are tested on their knowledge and receive an awarding stipend, which also creates a ‘Kollel’ appeal to the program. “The Tanya speaks for itself, so to speak. The rich inspiration found within is cherished by all of our participants. Our work is to draw the attention of more potential students and bring them through our doors. Once they’re here, there’s no need to convince them to stay, after all, they’re in the company of the Alter Rebbe!” Rabbi Neparstek shares.

Celebrate this Yud Tes Kislev by sharing the Alter Rebbe’s teachings with Yidden who would not otherwise have a chance to ‘taste’ from them. Support Irgun Limud Hatanya at

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